The memology of Internet

How this idea of tympass started.. yesterday 11april,20 11:06pm day17 of quarantine.. this mf had the audacity to text me, apart from the task i have given him to do. 😟

This blog was intentionally created during quarantine to calm your tits down. And how we’ll manage to do that is our problem. See, the title and the content you will read here may not match exactly or at all, So don’t shoot yourself. JK you might not be from U.P and might not have a katta of your own. You see there, that stereotype- I did there, thats the problem of the society, we Judge easily. For tuchha eg- ” @memeconnoisseur ne meme post kiya h BRO dank to hoga hi.. Ya fir deep fried meme h viro, kitta dark h.”

But as any NORMIE i was never in my entire life thought ki” yar OC DANK meme banuga GOD pe and samaaj se report hone bach jaunga behenchod”

See everything has a bad side even a conscience.

I myself see these religious memes and people exaggerating there frustation of disbelief onto people to ram it till they fucking choke on it.MY personal opinion as it doesn’t matter but it’s my website so why the fuck not,it is obivious that religion is supernatural. deeply felt inner need of human nature, and that the vast majority of people all over the world could not do without some of the religious beliefs. It has produced many types of man and woman,as well as bigoted narrow minded, cruel tyrants. it had given a set of values that has no appication today, or are even harmful, others are still the foundation of morality and ethics. But I @ft.ajayy believe that whether it’s hindus, muslims or any fuckturd I believe it as a practice of “Dogmantic” belief. Yes,you can google it its a nice term. “chal chal apne baap ko mat sikha”

So, as i said in the starting that this will calm your tits down, Firstly to clarify I a hypocrite mockingbird. I thought you would realize it as real eyes realize real lies. But i should get a life, yaar jab se chor ke gyi h pagal sa hogya hun yaar. What do you mean by “chal chutiye.”

There is a saying in texes ” The smallest dogs, barks the loudest”

This quote has nothing to do with the shit text i am gonna spill here. BUT AB ME GYAN CHODUNGA ….when you don’t know how to use knowledge of data and it is being used to show off that reveals a lack of intelligence. The truth is that it takes time to formulate a solid opinion on something. Problem solving should be a habit not the last resort. You will become wiser by acknowledging your vulnerabilities. Allow your self to feel pain not because you can’t help it but because it has earned that place. You made a decision that brought pain to you. Don’t fight it look as the decision that opened that door.That pain could be a reminder of how much you open yourself to somebody.Fear will tell you to close that door never to trust again that is the lesson of fear of pain.IF you have been betrayed your reasoning would simply make the process of gaining entry harder that is the lesson of pain.



I don’t know shit so fuck off motherlovers. I have only made this for time pass and my friend akshit tumari( won’t reviel the name for some legal purpose,jk as if you don’t know already)have suggested over a text on watsapp, thus you can see my fucking efforts of this website.

What the fuck is this autism of shitposting

Why is this autism important to us, so as a shitposter myself I might say somethings as butterfly effect.. or the mandela effect, awesome movies guys.. so other than grasping your attiontion we shitposters do other things like eating sleeping exercise ma ke pair dabana and on the worst days we do blogging.

Why this shitposting concerns us.

  • Because it is spreading negativity and absolute idiocracy in the minds of people
  • Because it spreading hatred and many other things what do I know.

The only thing is that you can’t control anyone and can’t please everyone. This shit is the basic formula of life. Take it not from me but if this bullshit was fed to your by any of your role model figure you would have eaten that bullshit till death.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • What are we? is phenomenally a good question and for that answer we have to shift our conscience and focus.

Chalo jayad gyan ni chodunga . bye .

People who like sapiosexual people.

To err is a human

So, in this pandemic which we are enjoying in our nasty ways, I must assure you but this time you must have made some assumptions about me. Well fuck you. And to all the pansexual people “suck it bitch”

NGL chief, I might not show it but, I am deeply in love with this wonderful awesome being that is though I am, but another being and chief you know ek tarfa mohhobat kro yaar. “SEX is a myth” and also cheap nowadays . I mean rs700 much cheap. So the thing is as any broken girl would say after reading 2 self help books …GROW/BE KIND/SOLITUDE/BELIEVER/LEARNER/AESTHETIC/SHAYARI KI MAA KA BHOSDA/HEALING KI MAA KI MAAKI CHOOT.




So the most lovable thing about internet I like is that it give you the power to give your opinions, even if they are dumb af. like ki pehle kya hota tha ki purane zamane me ki logg hoshiyaar logo ko aage rakhte the, to sbko lagta tha ki kitni samjdaar duniya h.. ab kya hogya h ki intenet forum ki wajeh se sbko voice raise krni aagyi h , so you know ki chutiye pehle bhi itne hi the ab bhi utne hi h.





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